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Bay Area Doctor Pioneers Fetal Surgery to Save Lives

It’s every soon-to-be parents’ worst nightmare. Everything seems ok, and then during a prenatal check-up they get the news, their baby has a deadly birth defect. But now, new techniques and technologies allow doctors to go inside the womb and save lives.

Ad Campaign Raises Awareness of UCSF Medical Center’s Innovation

Posters profiling UCSF faculty, alumni, patients and donors are being displayed around campus as part of a major magazine advertising campaign for UCSF Medical Center. Dr. Harrison features prominently. Dr Harrison helped change the face of medicine. Today, UCSF is building a medical complex where scientific innovations become life-saving treatments.

UCSF Golf Classic benefit Oct 1st 2007

UCSF Medical Center is holding a Golf Classic event to benefit the Fetal Treatment Center and the Heart & Vascular Center. This fundraising event prides itself on being a venue for community-minded sponsors.

UCSF Consortium Collaborates to Invent Medical Devices for Children

The UCSF “D’Vice Squad,” a group of innovators from across the Bay Area, has drawn from diverse disciplines over the last two years to develop medical devices for children. Now the squad’s hard work has been rewarded with a $1 million grant from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand its work over the next two years.

Teen Girls’ Obesity Surgery May Raise Birth Defect Risk

A report by Diana Farmer, MD, chief of pediatric surgery at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, has highlighted a possible link between gastric bypass surgery in adolescent girls and an increased risk for neural tube defects in their future children.

Surgery on the Smallest Patients

Pediatric surgeon Hanmin Lee, MD, of the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center, operated on newborn Arissa Mangewala to correct a birth defect where her intestines protruded outside her body. Arissa just celebrated her first birthday, and her parents feel blessed she has a healthy future ahead of her.

Online visits a boon for far-off patients

The UCSF Fetal Treatment Center -- one of the first places in the world to perform surgeries in the womb -- has started offering online consultations to families that have received a frightening diagnosis about their fetus and want a second opinion.

In Utero Surgery on WYCC Chicago PBS

A look into the incredible life saving techniques available during pregnancy today - featuring Dr Michael Harrison, OBGYN University of CA, San Francisco, and Andrea Merkord mother of triplets. Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy Episode 411 airs in Chicago on channel 20 (21 DT), August 23, 3:00pm

Diana Farmer Highlighted in the UCSF Annual Report

There's little doubt that Diana Farmer is a pioneer in her field - she is the world's first female fetal surgeon and only the second American woman to be inducted into the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of England, a rare honor for any physician, man or woman.