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Our Calling - Janice Scudmore, Nurse Practitioner

Our doctors, nurses, and staff come from all walks of life with incredible backgrounds and life experiences. What leads them to the path of their chosen profession? We asked our staff to tell us what makes them passionate about the good work they do day in and day out at our medical centers. These are their stories.

Fetal Treatment Center Mobile App

The Fetal Treatment Center (FTC) mobile app, now available for download in the Apple app store and the Google Play store for Android devices.

UCSF Welcomes First In Utero Stem Cell Transplant Baby

UC San Francisco researchers have safely transplanted a woman’s stem cells into her growing fetus, leading to the live birth of an infant with a normally fatal fetal condition. The infant, who had been critically ill during the second-trimester of pregnancy due to alpha thalassemia, is the first patient enrolled in the world’s first clinical trial using blood stem cells transplanted prior to birth.