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Michael DiSandro


  • Professor, Clinical Urology
  • Pediatric Urologist


Dr. Michael DiSandro, a pediatric urologist, is an expert in surgery for urinary disorders in children, including minimally invasive procedures and reconstructive surgery of the genitourinary system (genital and urinary organs). His expertise includes treating vesicoureteral reflux (a condition in which urine backs up toward the kidneys), neurogenic bladder (conditions in which a lack of bladder control is caused by a nervous system problem) and hypospadias (a birth defect involving the opening on the penis).

In research, DiSandro focuses on vesicoureteral reflux and hydronephrosis (in which a kidney is swollen because urine can't drain from it). He also is investigating the possible environmental causes of hypospadias.

DiSandro earned his medical degree at the University of Vermont's Robert Larner, MD College of Medicine. He completed residencies in surgery and urology at the University of California, Davis, followed by a fellowship in pediatric urology at UCSF.

Before coming to UCSF, DiSandro was chief of pediatric urology at the University of Minnesota and, most recently, at the University of Miami Health System.

Education & Training

  • University of California, San Francisco


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