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The UCSF Fetal Treatment Center, a multi-campus program located in the San Francisco Bay Area, uses a multidisciplinary approach with coordinated care to offer comprehensive, family-centered care from diagnosis and prenatal management through postnatal care and long-term follow-up. Since its founding in 1981 with the first-ever fetal surgery, the Center carries a 40-year legacy as a world leader in fetal evaluation and treatment, and has since expanded its vision to incorporate dynamic new methods for diagnosis and treatment based on the emerging fields of maternal-fetal genetics and precision medicine.

Below is some information on current clinical trials and areas of research that the Fetal Treatment Center team is leading to continue innovation in maternal-fetal care.

HyDROPS: Diagnosing and Redefining Outcomes with Precision Study

At UCSF, we’re conducting extensive research on Non-Immune Hydrops Fetalis (NIHF). Through a clinical study available now, we’re developing a precision-based care approach to uncover the underlying causes of NIHF that will lead to new, targeted treatments.

For more research information and enrollment for the study, click here: HyDROPS 

Fetal Exome Sequencing

The UCSF Center for Maternal-Fetal Precision Medicine is leading new advances in gene-based interventions for fetal care, with two clinical trials of exome sequencing currently available for patient participation. In the video below, Dr. Mary Norton gives an in-depth look into exome sequencing and how our team is using it to advance fetal care.

To learn more about our research and clinical trials on fetal exome sequencing, click here: Fetal Exome Sequencing

Intrauterine Therapy for Alpha Thalassemia Major (ATM)

A Phase 1 clinical trial is now underway for in-utero stem cell transplantation as a promising treatment for fetuses diagnosed with ATM. Below, see how Dr. Tippi MacKenzie has successfully treated the first patient for this study, baby Elianna, using her mother’s stem cells before she was even born.

PART 1: Tippi and Elianna's Story: Stopping a Fatal Blood Disease Before Birth from UCSF: The Campaign on Vimeo.

For part 2 of this video, and to learn more about the clinical trial study, click here: Intrauterine Therapy for Alpha Thalassemia Major