The Dr. Michael Harrison Endowment

Michael Harrison, MD

Michael R. Harrison, MD Professor Emeritus of Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences served as Chief of the Division of Pediatric Surgery for over 20 years, where he established the first Fetal Treatment Center in the United States.

For over three decades, Dr. Harrison has focused his passion and surgical finesse on laboratory research and clinical applications in fetal surgery, repair of complex birth defects involving the chest, lung, abdomen, bowel, and bladder, and surgical care of children from birth through adolescence.

Dr. Michael Harrison’s tremendous accomplishments and contributions to medicine and the field of fetal surgery speak for themselves. Known throughout the world as the “Father of Fetal Surgery”, it is our vision to establish a distinguished professorship* in the Department of Surgery at UCSF in honor of Michael R. Harrison, MD, the highest faculty award UCSF can bestow.

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Awards and Accolades

News of the generous donation and challenge came within days of Dr. Harrison’s recent appointment to the prestigious Institute of Medicine (IOM). Chartered by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the National Academy of Sciences has developed into the National Academies under which the IOM is a part. The IOM is a national resource for independent, scientifically informed analysis and recommendations on health issues. Dr. Harrison was chosen because he is internationally renowned for his expertise and innovation in pediatric and fetal surgery. His research, knowledge, and skills have significantly advanced health and medicine and have served as a model for others.

The Promise of Our Research

At UCSF, the endowed position will be a fitting tribute to Dr. Harrison because it will ensure the continued support of his innovative research and, more importantly, the training of future fetal surgeons. This investment in research and training will manifest in an increased number of prenatal conditions that can be safely and successfully addressed. It will give hope to thousands of families every year who must contend with the news that their baby has a serious birth defect.

The surgeons and investigators in the Fetal Treatment Center continue to develop many groundbreaking new technologies that will benefit fetuses, infants, children and teenagers. We are devoted to maintaining our reputation as a world leader in the fields of pediatric surgery and fetal treatment. Our dedication to research, innovation, and clinical application has included the training of many dedicated physicians who now spread this promising therapy throughout the world.

Currently, research is focused on solving the general problem of safe access to the fetus early in gestation and the development of new smaller and better minimally invasive techniques that will have a life-changing and life-saving impact on countless lives.

Supporting the campaign to establish a distinguished professorship in honor Michael R. Harrison, MD

Donations to the Endowed Chair in Fetal Treatment and Intervention in honor of Michael R. Harrison MD, will be held in a separate, permanent fund by the UCSF Foundation. Each year, endowment assets are invested to generate a healthy return is paid to the designated chairholder to support a faculty position and our ongoing research. The remainder is reinvested in the principal under the direction of UCSF Foundation Investment Committee. In this way, the endowment grows to keep pace with inflation and is available into perpetuity.

Contributions can be made in several ways:

Cash Gift

A gift of cash can be made by check or using the UCSF Foundation online donation site.

Any checks should be made out to the UCSF Foundation, and in the memo line or in a cover letter write: “Dr. Michael R. Harrison Endowment - S0402.”

Sarah Krumholz
P.O. Box 45339
San Francisco, CA 94145-0339

The UCSF Foundation Tax ID number is # 94-2829914.

For more information, including how to make a credit card donation or gift of appreciated securities, please contact Sarah Krumholz, Director of Development, UCSF Department of Surgery 415.502.1899 or [email protected]

Appreciated Securities

The most common way to make a gift of securities to the Endowed Chair in honor of Michael R. Harrison MD, is by electronic transfer to the UCSF Foundation’s account at State Street Bank and Trust. For specific instructions please contact the UCSF Foundation Gift Administration

If you have any additional questions, please contact Sarah Krumholz, Director of Development, UCSF Department of Surgery 415.502.1899 or [email protected]

*If the gift value of the endowed fund fails to reach $2,500,000 (the minimum amount required to establish a distinguished professorship in the School of Medicine), and in the opinion of the dean of the School of Medicine and the department chair it does not appear likely that the gift value of the fund will reach such amount within a reasonable time, the endowed fund may be used instead to establish an endowed chair in honor of Dr. Harrison.